East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains: Superior Tracking for Staff Training

This case study examines how Webanywhere were able to deliver East Midlands Trains with the means to accurately track staff training records for compliance requirements, CPD and succession planning.


East Midlands Trains is based in Derby, UK and has been serving passengers since 2007. They operate over 450 train services to and from London, from South Yorkshire, through East Midlands, the east of England and the north.


East Midlands Trains wanted to develop a career path in relation to training for each specific job role, so there would be no ambiguity on who would need what training. This would enable better planning in all departments and a more accurate head count in terms of learning provision.

Webanywhere Solution

After an in-depth needs analysis, Webanywhere concluded that Totara 2.9 would be the most suitable LMS for the specifications. Being an open source platform means East Midlands Trains won’t have to pay per-user licence fees, making it more cost effective than other learning management systems. The Workplace division experts gave the platform a branded theme to match East Midlands Trains’ brand. Webanywhere consulted on course design and development, including content creation, and provided in-depth training on all aspects of Totara. They assisted in the setup of hierarchies for reporting, which allowed managers to view teams. An appraisal template was created to facilitate online evaluation. As the trainee booking process needed tweaking under Totara, Webanywhere built a custom plugin to ensure business processes could be followed whilst using the system.

Screen shot of East Midlands Trains Online Learning Platform


Since implementation of the Totara 2.9 platform, East Midlands Trains has been using the system to replicate face-to-face training and will be utilising more eLearning features in the future.

“Webanywhere are very approachable and have worked with the development of our requirements for the company's LMS system. Their guidance to non-technical individuals has meant we have been able to produce the company's first LMS system, for initial roll out with the development of the system to enable it to fit our working needs.” Kes Sampson, Fleet Training Manager


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